Andrew Green

Close Up magic is a unique form of entertainment that can have a truly astounding impact on the clients or guests at your next important event. The magic is witnessed in intimate surroundings as Andrew mingles around your receptions or dinner parties introducing himself and acting as an ice breaker to proceedings. These miraculous presentations include making a borrowed ring appearing on a locked chain in a flash or a signed card appearing in an inflated balloon chosen from the centre of the table. Andrew has also magically produced a £150,000 diamond necklace for a lady celebrating her anniversary as a gift from her husband at their function. His appearances at several major Pharmaceutical trade shows has seen him attracting crowds to the presentation stand giving them customised product related entertainment. The astonishment created by close up magic leaves a lasting impact on anyone witnessing it. It’s truly universal language spans internationally and has allowed Andrew to entertain numerous foreign dignatories without the need for translation. His award winning performances are designed to create magical memories that will stay with audiences for many years. Add those powerful memories to your next important event by putting the magic in professional hands. Andrew Green is the first class choice, when only the best will do.


Having appeared in numerous theatre shows, cabaret floor shows and major corporate events, it is clear that Andrew Green is one of the driving forces of contemporary breathtaking illusionary in the UK today. His clever blend of state of the art illusions and magic with dynamic choreography, mime and a fast, spell binding soundtrack - it is no wonder that Andrew is a much sought after commodity when it comes to booking top class entertainment for prestigious events. His background in performing arts allows Andrew to create exciting but beautiful magical sequences including A scene where a girl is elegantly levitated into the air without the aid of wires. Or An incredible illusion where a girl is speared with neon tubes before vanishing from a sealed box. From small intimate one man shows for smaller crowds filled with comedy and fast moving modern magic to Grand scale Illusion spectaculars for the biggest of events. Every event can be catered for with this original concept in magical entertainment. Make sure your next event is remembered by adding that extra touch of magic to it.