Andy Green

Andy Green’s Mega Funky Kids Show, one of the most popular magical children’s shows around. With Andy’s extensive experience in all areas of magical entertainment, he brings his unique approach to this colourful, magical, comedy spectacular. Gone are the days when the local, ‘Uncle Bertie’ is enough to entertain the little ones. With the age of cartoon and video games upon us - it is the crazy antics of Andy’s Green’s kids shows that put the magic back into any children’s party or event. Suitable for all ages the, ‘Mega Funky Kids Show’ has been carefully developed to be enjoyable for the tiny ones all the way up to the teens. This is one of the reasons why Andy was recently chosen to entertain the LIVERPOOL FC Player’s & their children at the Club’s Xmas Party!! This fun packed show features: MIND BOGGLING MAGIC COLOURFUL COMEDY CAPERS TOONTASTIC DISCO DANCES & CRAZY KIDS COMPETITIONS .... ALONG WITH THE MOST AMAZING TWISTY TWIRLY BALLOON SCULPTURES!!!