Anomalies Modern Juggling Artistry

Hypnotic, bizarre, beautiful, breathtaking. A stunning celebration of modern juggling artistry. Two of the world’s premier contact jugglers present an extraordinary display of human dexterity. Glass balls traverse the performer’s bodies like water, mirrored hoops levitate of their own accord, boxes and cubes are exchanged and thrown in delightfully synchronous rhythm. Anomalies' pure and powerful visual impact is matched only by its seamless choreography and sense of pure live magic. STAGE SHOW 15 mins

An innovative and multi-skilled performer, Jago Solo’s enchanting acts represent the very best of modern juggling arts. Fluid and beautiful sequences of object manipulation, simple, surreal and magical special effects, extraordinary feats of control and a complexity of technique that is breathtaking. Jago Solo presents fire, club, glo, hoop, crystal ball juggling and more for any event.