Ant E Statik is not your average robot performer, he is an amazing entertainer, a robotic breakthrough. Over twenty years development of traditional techniques have made the Ant E Statik character and the Ant E Statik brand of robotic mime as strikingly unique as it is convincing. In 1980 the robotic dance phenomenon began. It was at this beginning that Ant E Statik began his journey into the further development of robotic mime. Over the last two decades Ant E Statik has evolved robotic dance and robotic walkabout He performs in the UK and around the World for a variety of corporate and public clientele.

Far Away... In an Alternative Reality. Neuronia is a planet in another reality. Many light years from now it's binary solar system will self-destruct as the twin suns collide. All life will terminate on Neuronia unless another host planet can be found. The Neuronians are a race of biomechanical life forms, they will learn of their sensational fate in time to save their civilization. Their only hope will be to find their race to a new home. Ant E Statik is the extra-dimensional robot whose fantastic mission will be to explore the outer regions of "I Space" and find a suitable host planet. The robot will be programmed to fill his hard drive with as much information as is available about the culture of the host planet, it's entertainment and it's marketing; to ask questions, form opinions and share them; to prepare the host species for the coming of the Neuronians and guarantee his races survival. However, an asteroid will hit the fascinating and outlandish robot, sending him spinning into a strategically situated wormhole in space. Ant E Statik will be flung back in time across two dimensions into the real universe... ...Earth is a planet not unlike Neuronia. In an awkward quirk of past and present tenses Ant E Statik's arrival has heralded the start of the third Millennium.

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