Creatures on the Prowl by NWSI

The Bird Show

Les Oiseaux de Lux is a 25 minutes itinerant intervention of up to 17 giant monochrome birds and their alien riders for the street, shopping centre, festival, or party. Great for walkabout and visual Entertainment. 

The Butterfly Collection

What could be more festive, miraculous or memorable than the arrival of a giant flock of butterflies? These stilt characters are based on British butterflies, The Swallow tail, The Oak Blue, The Adonis Blue and The Red Admiral. Their main purpose is adornment. They are fully mobile and gently interact with flora and fauna, civic flower displays, children and adults with their prehensile probosci and signal emitting antennae.

The Ant Show

Created in 2006 The Ant Orkezdra is a sensational one hour musical parade performance for day or night to add a really memorable event to your festival program. This new performance has been joyously received in Stockton, Kirkcaldy, Durham, and Wageningen in the Netherlands and is booked for Beijing in early 2007.