Charlie Chaplin - Calvero

Calvero will pose as a super still statue that will suprise and amuse unsuspecting guests as they arrive at the venue.
Interacting with guests Calvero will entertain with "Ice Breaking" but always inoffensive fun that includes comedy acrobatics & magic, balloon modelling, juggling and much more. He can also provide his “silent” cabaret show to music from ten to thirty minutes duration. Suitable for most venues: Theatres, hotels, clubs, galas & private parties.
He can also perform as a "Silly Waiter" if required.
Duo Du Sol - The Rag Doll acrobatic, comedy mime speciality act can be performed with Calveroas a charcterto suit the occasion: Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Mareau, Court Jester, or clown. (Stage acts are from 5 to 25 minutes duration as required.)

"Calvero is Charlie Chaplin" - Daily Mail
"Duo Du Sol are the most unusual and entertaing act I have seen this year" - Sunday Times