Circus Workshops

Any Event, any age you can learn circus skills with our top of the range circus workshops, we do weekly sessions at schools to full weekend festivals. We will get you wanting to be a WORLD WIDE CIRCUS PERFORMER or even A RING MASTER. We have every circus prop to teach with and we even have circus music to get you in the mood.

At schools we have top tutors who can take kids to the next level with arts awards and national awards.Circus Skills can be seen as a performance art or a sport. They are fun and full of activity offering many links to curriculum areas such as art, music, dance, drama, literacy and numeracy. Once learnt, the skills will be lifelong and can be built up to either a career or a fantastic hobby, the benefits spilling into other aspects of life and learning. Are Circus Workshops are Fab-a-roony

So please ring for quotes and ideas on how to run a circus workshop at your school or your event.