Devil's River

Devil's River are a talented trio of musicians playing tight, upbeat, rock, rhythm and blues, playing superb renditions of songs by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Freddie King, Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughan.
The raw energy and passion of blues music is something that is loved worldwide and in days where the commercial mainstream is increasingly full of stylised music that seems to be more about fashion than passion many people find solace in this timeless music that is gritty, exiting, often danceable and packed with energy and emotion.
The band are exhilarating live, and audiences can feel the passion for the music as the trio give their all to each note and beat.
Devil's River have had radio airplay on BBC radio Merseyside, their local station Dune FM, The Double Trouble radio show on Osnabruecker Radio, Germany, and BeauBFM, Limoges, France.
They have an original CD for sale from,, and from (available to order from any HMV outlet), in its first week of release it outsold Robbie Williams, Madonna and Depeche Mode in the local HMV store in Southport.