Dr Dai De'ath

Dr Dai is a master of reincarnation; as a quack Doctor selling his Elixir of Life, as a compere for events of a macabre nature, sometimes as a sinister walkabout character, regurgitating razor blades or inserting nails up his nostrils, sometimes even advocating five portions of vegetative matter a day !! There is no end to this man's talent.

Dr Dai curiously has one cold and one hot hand, one hand chilled from the grave and one still warm from the burning fires of hell !! Eyes that defy nature too with pupils that swirl in spirals.

With his cane made from the skull of his great Uncle Kane with its blazing red eyes and his suitcase of bizarre treatments, he is a curious creature bound to intrigue and engage.

Fire juggling and fire eating too a speciality that Dr Dai has perfected during his immortal existence.