The Elementals

Made from molten gold, forged deep within the Earth's crust. The Elementals are huge stilt statues that roam the world seeking a home for their giant silver orb. They transform any environment commanding awe. The Elementals bring their rolling street theatre show rolling right to the toes of their audience who themselves have been transformed to mesmerized statues. The Elementals are indeed mammoth (work with or without the ball).

The Elementals are indeed mammoth. These awe inspiring giant stilt walkers can transform into statues at the wink of an eye thus creating a new and exciting sculptural oddity. Stilt walker statues can be static, roaming or indeed themed.

Requirements: Space to move.

Length of performance: 3 X sets of 30 mins sets.

Set Up: 40 mins

Ideal for: Carnival, Parties, Parks, Festivals