Goosebumps - The Dark Show

Goosebumps is a show which is performed in total darkness using UV lighting it comprises puppets from the U.S.A., scenery, props, a full complimentary soundtrack and visual humour. The show is primarily aimed at the younger audience / family audience.Our show is based on a spooky theme with sound effects, music, puppets, props, balloon modelling (we use UV reactive balloons), cartoon characters which the kids relate to (Casper, Scooby, Shaggy, Slimer, Shrek, Donkey and more.), flying ghosts, 8' tall haunted house, two 7' tall spooky trees that all the kids will love!
The show performance lasts for 30 minutes. We then encourage the kids to form an orderly queue and we then invite them (in turn) to join the characters of the show to have their photo's taken in front of the haunted house by mums and dads for FREE. The soundtrack continues to run playing relevant theme based music whilst the kids are having their photo's taken. The entire show lasts for 45 minutes. (30 mins performance + 15mins+ for photo's)Please try to book as far in advance as possible to make sure that the date you require is available. The stage set construction is: 18' wide x 10' deep x 8' high They travel outside the UK providing all fees, travel, accommodation and expenses are paid. Covered with Public Liability Insurance