The Hazzards

Harry & Orlways Hazzard are crazy clowns who will hazzardously take you to the land of laughter.
Enter the comic world of the illogical Hazzard brothers' brains through the portal of their magic door. A cocktail that will take you into the realms of the impossible and the absurd leaving you believing it all as you laugh it off.

Suitable for ages 10+ Show of 60min to be played in a theatre, a hall or sheltered area with a level surface... Needs blackout or night. Performing area : 7x7m Minimum height under ceiling 3,50m Set up decor : 4hours minimum Pull down decor : 2hours minimum

A series of traditional clown sketches presented for the 21st century, including : "the doctor", "egg & plate", "busy-bee","Robin Hood", "the cowboys", "the wall paper" routine (slapstick) and many more Yesterday's gags for todays audience, both young and old.