Human Statues

Our human statues go further than just giving a brilliant performance; they engage the audience with there unique talent and make a event one to remember. The Human statues that we have are dedicated to impress you and make your event even more special! With their professional performance and make-up to detail, they are guaranteed to be a winner!

Available worldwide, we have human statues in every city and they are willing to travel anywhere in the world to entertain at your special event. With years of experience and countless happy clients, hiring any statue entertainer will add an wow factor aspect to your party.

Whether you want an traditional human statues, attention grabbing performances, stylish and original statues, costumed entertainment, living statues, classic living statues, human statues, mannequins, natural stone living statue, bronze statues, gold statues, silver statues, iron looking statues, living topiary garden, gold people, cast iron human statue acts or metallic living statues, we have it all! We have a variety of  themes which include Aladdin, Liverpool, sea theme, garden, greek, roman, classic, traditional, christmas - The Snow Queen, Lord Nelson, The Golden Fool, Charlie Chaplin, The Liver Birds, The Ice Queen, The Boss and many more.