Ian McCoy

McCoy is one of the worlds top sleight of hand and mindreading performers. His friendly manner and incredible skills have been witnessed around the world by blue chip companies, Hollywood celebrities, sporting stars and private individuals. Ian is a thinking magician with degrees in history and political science and a post-graduate degree in education and theology. He is a published author. His book "Magic in the Center" is a philosophical work which tackles some of the big questions of life. Ian is also a speaker and the creator, with a multi national toy company, of a best selling magic instruction kit. Ian has also starred in the award winning short movie "Win Each Way" and will have a major role in a movie to be made in 2006 called "muggs Away". As an entertainer and speaker Ian's expertise lies in matching intelligent good humour with absolutely baffling close-up or cabaret magic and mindreading. His presence makes any event a truly memorable occassion by combining physical and psychological illusions that will astound and amuse everyone.