The International Clown Show

The line up:
Rone, Sonny, Ruben, Vercoe, Ante, Gigi ,Rainbow and Professor Forte.

This show is a group of us peforming and working together to pull of a magical Gala show. It's been shown in USA and England. Depending on venue and line up the show can last between 2-3hrs long including an interval.

The show is different everytime it brought the house down 3 times in the states with its magical,funny,unique ideas and their large range of clown props.Its ideal for a big venue or event anywhere in the Universe as most of the clowns mime but they all can speak English mm.... HA.

Please try to book as far in advance as possible to make sure that the date you require is available. They travel anywhere in the Universe providing all fees, travel, accommodation and expenses are paid. Covered with Public Liability Insurance