Jay Rollins

Jay is one of the few full time magicians in the country. With numerous awards including 1st place in the North Western Society of Magicians Close Up Magic Championship, he has performed in hundreds of major venues around the U.K. and wide variety of clients including the cast of Harry Potter 3 at the wrap up party and the V.I.P rooms at Old Trafford football ground. Jay has also performed in France, Holland, Hong Kong, Australia, America, Czech Republic, Romania and Japan.

Jay offers an intimate and engaging style of entertainment incorporating magic, juggling skills, mind control and elements of cold reading, graphology and mime. The focus is to create a unique magical experience for each participant in a relaxed but upbeat manner where the audience feels they are involved without fear of ridicule or embarrassment.

Routines are carefully constructed to create strong illusions of real magic happening before a spectator's eyes using everyday objects without gimmicks or strange props. Where possible the objects are borrowed or taken from the current environment resulting in real wonder and astonishment.

The effects Jay performs are strong and bewildering but there is always a sense of light hearted fun whether it is to act as a conversation catalyst between corporate guests at a dinner or to help entertain friends and relatives during a break in activities during a wedding. With his variety of skills and ability to build rapport with people covering a wide range of ages and characters, any event and venue can be catered for.

Alternatively or even alongside his close up magic, Jay can be hired for a fun circus workshop where a group of people of any age and ability are expertly taught manipulation skills such as contact juggling, card throwing, devil stick, diabolo and magic tricks including advice on performance and fast learning techniques and can set complete beginners on the road to a lifelong exciting and beneficial hobby within 20 minutes. A great way to get members of a party interacting