Nelson Human Statue

Not Lord Nelson, but his younger brother, Antonio, Admiral of a lesser fleet. Antonio Nelson died in his brothers arms in 1801. Horatio lived for another four years before his own death but he never forgot his brother's dying words "Kiss me Horatio".

This recently rediscovered Admiral Nelson stands on a smaller column to that of his sibling. He is a fantastic and often hilarious addition to the 200th anniversary of The Battle of Trafalgar.Words cannot describe the impact of a living statue of the countries second most accomplished seaman.

See for yourself, hire the statue for a day; watch it, revel in delight and positive feedback from the public.

A perfect photo opportunity too. He will stand out at any venue, event or party.

He looks fantastic at the top or bottom of stairs at special events. Ideal for entrance meet and greet, flower shows, theatre foyers, gala dinners and special promotions, especially this year for the celebrations of The Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson and Napoleon.

Please book well in advance as it takes time to air lift him in.