Powdered Wigs

Period drama! Up to three nine-foot courtesans, in powdered wigs, sumptuous, exquisitely ornate corsets and vast crinoline skirts. Meet the ladies as they come down from their ivory tower to mix with the common folk.
This is a wandering performance with 4 fabulous characters available. The ladies bustles can be fitted with miniature sound system to transmit themed music and amusing sound effects.

Lady Catherine of Kent and Fifi the Poodle

Introducing Lady Catherine of Kent and Fifi the Poodle, an exceedingly interactive comedy walkabout. From poodle parlour to party, Lady Catherine and her pedigree pooch make a huge impression wherever they go.

Divine Showgirls

Divine Company presents! The Divine Showgirls, sensational, sassy, and unforgettable. Dazzling in feathers, silk and sequins, these art deco inspired Showgirls add a colossal dose of fizz and sparkle to any event! The glittering Divine Showgirls are available on stilts or foot.