Rone & Gigi

Whether performing at a outdoor free stage or festivals,theatre or corporate event, Rone & Gigi create laughter at a moments notice with this refreshingly hilarious physical comedy style, witty audience involvement and exceptional artistry. Rone & Gigi have toured the globe and tailors their performances to either family or adult audiences.

Fantastic show time
Rone & Gigi's show delighting both family and adult autiences in many of venues, Rone & Gigi create riotous laughter at a moments notice with their comical facial expressions and their absurdly body language. Rone & Gigi's inventive comic wit, extraordinary artistry and an uncanny improvisational sence, combine to produce a pleasantly refreshing physical comedy style all their own. You will enjoy not only "juggling", "magic", "balloon", but also another clown skills that you have never seen before.

The Wall
This "FENCE" is their important prop. You could see outstanding mime technique like "stairs", "escalator", "moving side walk", "elevator" and the others in their very funny chase.

Rone & Gigi have strong and charming charactor like live cartoons. If you see them onece, you can't helped it to like themvery much.

Please try to book as far in advance as possible to make sure that the date you require is available.
They travel outside Japan providing all fees, travel and accommodation are paid.
However always check as they could be already touring near you and it will cut the cost down.