Stage Management

We can help you stage any size event indoors or outdoors From star cloths on stage to confetti canons at the ready as your guests arrive.

We can provide stage pyrotechnics, indoor pyrotechnics, close proximity pyrotechnics and special effects for stage, studio, arena, stadium and outdoor events.

Cryogenics are an excellent alternative effect to use in venues where the use of pyrotechnics is prohibited or where the essential pyrotechnic safety distances are a concern.

Flames during any event are a spectacular, memorable and photogenic effect. We have a wide variety of products to produce flames to a broad selection of heights, widths, durations and colours.

No matter what confetti and/or production requirements you may have we can supply confetti of an exceptional standard produced by Europe’s largest Confetti supplier; MAGIC Effects.

There are many other visual effects available that can help enhance or create a theatrical effect for your event. Blizzards over your desert island stage set, launch wigs over the audience or fireflies to fly and dance above your stage - no matter how ‘far out’ or implausible you imagine your desired effect to be, our designers and crew have the ability and resources to help create and achieve them.

Production - Equipment & Services

Star Cloths
Confetti/ Confetti Effects
Stage and Theme Props
Special Effects
Dry Ice
Fire/Flame and Water Effects & Ice sculptures 

We supply fully trained Technicians with all our services to help you set up on the day and smoothly operate the Equipment. We can supply running orders for the Event and input whereever is needed.

We also have other visual effects that can help enhance or create a theatrical effect for your event.

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