Steve Gore

Steve is a member of the Northern Magic Circle, the International Brotherhood of Magicians (British Ring) and a committee member and past President of the Bradford Magic Circle. He has been interested in magic most of his life but joined the Bradford Magic Circle in 1992. Since then he has competed in magic competitions around the country winning dozens of awards, including the Northern Magic Circle Stage Competition in April 2004 in which he is the first person the Circle’s 50 year history to win 1st Place and all three other trophies in the same year.

Stage Magic
Stage magic isn't necessarily performed on a stage. It can be done in a cabaret atmosphere as well. It can be Illusions, a Comedy patter act or Silent magic choreographed to music.

Steve has won several competitions in stage magic and whatever your needs he can cater for them.

Close up magic
Close up magic is as popular now as ever. It can be performed anywhere from Restaurants and Banqueting tables to Exhibition stands and Superstores.

Steve has won five awards for close up magic including an award at the 2001 International Brotherhood of Magicians convention in Scarborough.

Children’s Magic
Steve has been doing children's entertaining for over twelve years at Birthday's, Christening's, Christmas Parties and Summer Fayre's. He normally performs for 45 mins, which includes Juggling, Diablo, Magic and Balloon models.

"My favourite part of any show ", says Steve, "Is seeing the faces of the children as I entertain them."

Steve can juggle almost anything from the usual Balls, Rings and Clubs to Fire, Knives and a Rubber Chicken!!! He can either do a comedy patter juggling act or a graceful piece set to music.

Steve is also a skilled diabolist (He's good with Diabolo's !!! ) and again can perform with them to patter or music.

The highlight of his juggling career was when he was paid to go to Gothenburg, Sweden to teach his skills and perform in the public show at the 18th Annual European Juggling Convention in 1995.

Stilt Walking
If you need something eye catching at your store for promotional work, you can't get much bigger than a 8' tall man in a stripy bright orange suit.

Unless you happen to be 9' tall !!!

Steve learnt to unicycle for the musical Barnum, in which he played the Ringmaster in 1993 and hasn’t looked back since. Well if you look back, you might fall off!!!

Balloon Modelling
Steve has been balloon sculpting for about ten years and has a wide repertoire up his sleeve, from a Poodle and a Dashund to a Collie and a Labrador !!!

Seriously… he can make Teddys, Motorbikes, Monkeys, Lions, Parrots, Cats, Elephants, Reindeers, Rabbits, Hats, Flowers ... You get the picture. Oh, did I mention Dog's.

The strangest request he had was for a Hedgehog !!!