The Yellow Submarine

Half Robin Reliant, half U Boat...
Drive about performance
Eye catching static display
Great by day or all lit up by night!

Totally adaptable with your logo and lettering
Crewed by Captain Bill and First Mate 'Salty' Bob, two intrepid submariners and a full compliment of Beatles our yellow submarine is ready to cruise. Fantastic interactive street theatre for all kinds of events promotions and more!

The submarine comes complete with it's own sound system playing sea theme sounds, tunes, scenarios, and at least one song featuring a yellow submarine...

Electric motors and low height clearance mean that not only can we cruise outdoor events, but we can sail through your indoor events too!

The story of the Submarine
The submarine was originally a Royal Navy sonar torpedo at some time around the end of the 2nd World War, when it came to the end of its active life it was decommissioned and scrapped, where it was salvaged by a company creating wacky vehicles for off road driving corporate fun days, and the initial conversion to a vehicle was done. After making many a corporate fun-seeker sea sick, it then found it's way onto ebay, where it was purchased by a collector of unusual vehicles for display in a museum. While it was being stored we saw it and floated (no pun intended!) the idea of restoring the submarine and taking it out on public display, here it is!

Requirements: N/A

Length of performance: 3 X 30 - 40 min sets.

Set Up: 60 mins

Ideal for: Anything!